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1988 1st Slide Lock Overdraw. This was the first adjustable length overdraw, with a movable carriage.

1989 1st Ultra Overdraw. First overdraw reversible for right and left hand.

1990 1st Alpine introduces machined riser bows. The Silverado Target Bow began the machined riser revolution. Within the next few years every manufacturer would follow Alpine’s lead.

1990 1st Machined riser bows with removable limb pockets and shelves.

1991 1st To integrate an overdraw system into the Silverado machined riser bow.

1991 1st To build a reflexed machined riser bow.

1992 1st Alpine introduces the Alpine Colt youth bow. This bow was the first compound bow scaled down to fit a child properly.

1994 1st To CNC machine limbs for the closest possible dimensional control.

1995 1st Alpine built the first rotating draw length cam. This cam was used on the Colt youth bow.

1995 1st Alpine also introduced the Ladies Silverado bow. This little wonder was the first bow built exclusively for women.

1997 1st Alpine introduced the Inverse Twin Limb Mounting System. This revolutionary system held twin limbs more securely and quietly than any other limb mounting system offered.

1997 1st The T-2 cam had two different performance profiles, so one could change the feel and performance of the bow.

1997 1st To bed limbs in silicone to reduce noise and vibration.

2000 1st Alpine introduced the patented Fast Trac Ball Bearing Cam technology. This innovative system eliminated bearing wear associated with bronze and nylon bearings. Today most manufacturers are following Alpine’s lead. Patent #6,415,780

2001 1st To introduce wide platform limb technology for more stability and torsion control.

2001 1st To introduce wide body cam technology with 25% wider grooves to reduce buss and string serving wear.

2001 1st The Soft Loc Quiver is the first quiver to provide a dual guide rail, friction locking quiver mount with full vertical adjustment, and a quick dismount with no mechanical fasteners or hardware. Patent #6,672,299

2001 1st Quiver system with interchangeable hoods to adapt to different camo patterns. (Soft Loc Quiver)

2003 1st To introduce the VX Series Pocket Mounting System. This system clamps the limbs to the riser like a vice. Still the most solid limb mounting system in the industry today.

2005 1st To build integrated multi part, modular machined risers with the Tundra Series Denali. This innovative concept reduced material waste and cost and assured precise alignment of the upper and lower limbs. Today, several manufacturers continue to follow Alpine’s lead.

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